2016 Year End and 2017 Orientation Party

On January 15, 2017, IDT members and family members had a warm and meaningful party at Van Tue restaurant. This is the full reunion of all IDT members, including members from the South office and some new faces of IDT.

Opening the show is an interesting game show for both the elderly and young children, making everyone tired but all have rewards.

The slideshow show “Overview of IDT 2016” has brought people to many different levels of emotions when reviewing the photos together, looking back on the journeys that have gone through, the tourist routes, completed projects, events, events participated … This is also an opportunity for some of the bad public photos of each other, only once a year. The clip is quite long, and so touching that many people … almost cry …

Right after that was the most serious part of the party. That is the statement of the Director of the Company to summarize the old year and orient the new year. When everyone’s ears start to flare, it ends, it is also quite short …

“Excellent employee of the year” is the most anticipated program. Everyone is happy that I deserve the most, some people still carry sacks. But the end result is that only one lucky person receives, it is Luong Thi Tham.

The gift-giving ceremony was held next.


This year there is also a staff give of gifts for the boss. This stage is kept secret until the last minute, so it looks like the boss is also surprised.



The party ended well when the city was on the lights and everyone left in a state of lightheadedness. Let’s meet together one year after the monumental year, very cozy and joyful.


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