In the morning of 21/04, the scientific talk was held at the headquarters of the State Archives and Archives “SOCIALIZATION OF ARCHIVES ACTIVITY AND THE ROLE OF ENTERPRISES”.

Attending the seminar included the following members: Central Committee members of the Vietnam Archives Association, representatives of the State Archives and Archives Department, Archives Bureau of the Party Central Committee, functional departments and non-profit units of the Department of DHS, representatives of some archives of archives in the North; Representatives of training institutions on archives and representatives of enterprises in the field of archives.

Representatives invited to attend the talks

Opening remarks by Mr. Hoang Quoc Tuan, Chairman of the Vietnamese Archives Association.

Chủ tịch Hội Văn thư Lưu trữ Việt Nam phát biểu khai mạc

He said that this is an opportunity for managers and scientists to listen to the ideas from enterprises operating in the field of archives, the advantages and disadvantages that businesses are encountering, the comments. Proposals and recommendations of enterprises. For their part, enterprises have the opportunity to listen to state management agencies on archives, scientists to clarify the theoretical, legal and practical issues of the policy of socialization of archives

At the talk, managers and scientists affirmed the 2011 Archive Law is the legal basis and create conditions for the Vietnamese archives to bring into full play the resources and wisdom of all economic sectors, the social organizations of all Vietnamese people meet the conditions as prescribed by the law.

Prof. Nguyen Van Tham address “Some of the issues of socialization of public services and their application in the field of archives”

There are also presentations by delegates such as: “Socializing Storage Activities” by Dr. Duong Van Kham; “Scientific Awareness on Storage Socialization” by Assoc. Nguyen Van Ham, PhD. Cam Anh Tuan.

Representing businesses who have been involved in some archival services, Mr. Dinh The Vinh – Director of Vietnam Archives Service Company has a speech on “Role and some inadequacies of the legal document system on socialization of archives in Vietnam “. In particular, he put forward the two most important factors for the storage service to date are many inadequacies: service capacity and service unit capacity.

Mr. Dinh The Vinh, Director of the Vietnam Archives Service Company, spoke about “the role and some inadequacies of the system of legal documents on socialization of archives in Vietnam”

In addition, representatives of Vietnam Storage Corporation – General Director Le Thi Ha also took part in the presentation entitled “Enterprise Contribution to Socialization of Storage”.

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Here are some pictures of guests visiting and experiencing the device:



Guest invited to experience the M3000 and ET16 Plus scanner – Czur

Staffs from IDT Vietnam

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