Zeutschel Chrome/OS 16000 Book Scanner – The new standard for A2 book scanning

Nowadays, when the demand for digitizing books and documents has become more and more popular, the scanning devices have also become more and more developed and diversified.

Not only do libraries and storage centers have this need, but also government offices, real estate offices, construction companies, operators or even court offices have a great need in digitizing documents. Therefore, documents that need to be digitized vary in types and sizes.

Therefore, a basic digitizing device must first be compact, flexible, can be installed quickly but still must meet the needs of the job as well as ensure high performance.

After consulting the actual needs of users from all over the world, Zeutschel has researched and produced a new line of machines – Chrome / OS 16000 series. With this new model, Zeutschel seems to have created a new set of standards with paper size scanners ≤A2.

Chrome – The success of the self-service scanner model

Support large size documents with  A2 maximum size but the scanner is designed to be compact, portable, fast, efficient and very convenient. On the criteria towards users in all areas, the company has integrated into Chrome Zeta software with a simple user interface combined with touch screen for easy handling.

Moreover, the device is also pre-installed with Perfect Book software, which further enhances image processing, perfecting the curvature and tilt of the book perfectly.  Device design with a podium for handy documents to help users scan with documents up to 100mm thick. The color mode scanner delivers outputs with a resolution of up to 600dpi, at a resolution of 400dpi for only 3.8s for a scan. Rich output, supporting almost all popular standards such as TIFF, Multipage, TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, JPEG, and PNG also allows users to store under different environments with USB , print, email, network, dropbox, mobile, ftp

OS16000 Comfort / Advanced Plus – New set of standards for scanning devices at A2 size

We have encountered many scanning devices in A2 paper size. Most of them are very bulky, very difficult to move and install. The requirement is a scanning device and processing A2 size documents perfectly, simply, efficiently, but also compact, flexible and convenient. Zeutschel has documented and investigated a new model, a new standard for A2 size document scanners – OS16000 Comfort / Advance Plus.

Compact, not complicated, OS16000 Comfort / Advanced Plus gives users a friendly and easy-to-use feel. 

The optical zoom is a world first: outside the scanner housing and requiring no moving parts. It can be used to scan small documents with a significantly higher optical resolution.

The Advance Plus model, the OS 16000, features a motor-driven book cradle enabling a semi-automatic workflow. The book cradle also comes equipped with a self-opening glass plate, the book plate lowers automatically and contact pressure can also be electronically set to any of the five levels.

 Scanner with this book cradle supports documents up to 200mm when glass panels are not used, and 150mm when using glass panels (with 100mm Comfort version). Users can also choose Omniscan12 software with powerful multi-thread processing. Diverse output with color images with resolutions up to 600dpi, supports all current standard formats like TIFF uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF , PCX and the device also allow storage in many different environments: USB, print, email, network, dropbox, mobile, ftp

Both of the OS 16000 models feature an integrated monitor with preview function with user guidance so that results are much more reliable. The ‘chrome’ uses the proven zeta touch screen control concept. All models are very easy to set-up via Plug-n-Play: Unpack, switch on, scan.

The modern design continues the success of the zeta series. No other A2 scanner has ever looked so stylish and attractive.


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