ScanFlow – workflow management software

ScanFlow – workflow management software

RT-Batch workflows for Automated Batch Processing

Advantages & Benefits
The customized RT-Batch workflows enable automated batch processing in scan-free periods (e.g. overnight, weekends, longer scanning breaks etc.). Within this a customized set of system
functions like creating another output format, copying files to e.g. another storage place, executing of additional image processing functions etc. will be processed fully automated (e.g. overnight).

Automatic execution of several tasks in the batch-processing
Tasks can be combined (according to the individual customer request) to a batch, which is executed sequentially and automatically until the last task.
Scanning of the images in the format ”RT Output: Archiving”

Rename all pages systematically.

Execute time consuming image treatment functions.

Create different output formats

Copy the created output safely to its destination

Reduce data size to a minimum for a backup copy

Empty the disk space after a certain period

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