Strengthen organizing and constructing acting program of Economics Library Sub-division tenure 2016-2018

The 3rd Nationwide Congress of Vietnam  Library Association, tenure 2016-2021 with the theme “Unity, action, creativity, efficiency and sustainability” was held successfully on 25 and November 26, 2016. Accordingly, on 22nd Feb 2017 at the Center for Information and Forecasting economic-national society (NCIF) Conference took place consolidating specialized library associations on the local economy City desk. Hanoi 2016-2018 tenure.

Attending the conference, from the organizing board, representatives of the Center attended and delivered a speech welcoming the Conference, Mr. Ta Dinh Xuyen, deputy director NCIF; Pham The Khang-Chairman of the Vietnamese Library Association; Mr. Do Van Chien, vice president of Information Science and Technology of Vietnam; Mr. Duong Dinh Hoa, member of the executive board of the Vietnam Association of Library Associations and concurrently the head of Association of the Friends of the Library Association of Vietnam and some leaders of the largest library in addition to components of the same Association delegates from 15 member units Associations.

At the conference, Hoang Kim Dung Branch President of Librarian Association of Economics in Hanoi has summarized the term 2011-2016. During its tenure, the Association has implemented a number of activities and made significant contributions to the development of the library specialized in economics in general as well as in the Ministry of Planning and Investment in particular. Through cooperative activities, cooperation and information sharing of the member units, the association has become a bridge linking member units of the socio-economic and with the Inter-Chapter also as professional social organizations in the field of their library information activities. Along with the achievements, the conference also pointed out the shortcomings and the causes that need to be overcome as well as discuss some tasks to be implemented in the next term

The conference has voted 07 members to the Executive Committee of the 2016-2018 term and elected 01 Vice Chairman and 02 Deputy members.


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