LibCal is an affordable, easy-to-use web platform designed to handle libraries’ calendaring needs. Its four distinct modules work together to provide an integrated solution. Hours and Locations Management; Room and Equipment Reservations; Event Registration and Management; and Librarian Appointment Scheduler.

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Rom & Space

Enable users to book library spaces online or with mobile phones. Set up rooms and spaces, customize rules and availablilty, etc.

  • Custom registration forms & images of rooms.
  • Outline Terms & Conditions of room usage.
  • Optionally mediate bookings for each group of rooms.
  • Enable quick mobile bookings with built-in QR Codes.
  • Detailed Statistics on Rooms Utilization.
  • Integrations with Digital Signage inside your library (Example. And Another Example)

Equipment Reservation 

Equipment Booking module enables full check-in and check-out of equipment. Create Maker Spaces inside the library, check out iPads, cameras, equipment… LibCal handles it all!


Create a visual catalog of equipment, complete with equipment details, images, number of items available, availability restrictions, etc.


Book Equipment alongside rooms and vice versa. Being able to book rooms and equipment in the same system brings improved workflows and a simpler booking process for patrons.


Use LibCal’s APIs to integrate equipment booking with the patron database in your ILS for fines management.

Even management 

Increase event attendance and advertise your events online by enabling patrons to register for events and get full event info in one easy step.

  • Create media-rich, informative event pages.
  • Customize event sign-up forms.
  • Calendar & event widgets for embedding anywhere.
  • Feed calendar events into Outlook, GCal and more.
  • Automatically publish and promote events on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Full waitlist management.
  • Automatic event reminders for registrants.

Appointments schedule  

Make it easy for patrons to schedule consultations & appointments with librarians! Patrons can opt to meet with a specific librarian or choose the desired time, and the system tells them which librarians are available.

  • Set up availability times, min/max appointment durations, and padding between appointments.
  • Feed appointments into Outlook, Google Calendars, and more.
  • Build custom appointment registration forms.
  • Embed a Scheduler widget into any webpage, in your LibGuides profiles, etc.
  • Automatically email post-appointment satisfaction surveys.
  • Detailed statistics on the # of booked appointments, duration, # of cancellations, etc.