LibInsight is an effective tool for collaborative recording and analysis of library statistics and data points. Store all library data in one platform, and use cross-dataset analytics to frame data-driven decision making.

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Technical data
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Pre-Defined Yet Customizable Datasets

A variety of built-in dataset types can be further customized for the specific data-gathering needs of your library.

E-Resources Usage Analytic 

Get the full picture of usage and effectiveness of your eBooks, E-Journals, and Database subscriptions.

  • COUNTER & SUSHI Support. Upload COUNTER reports or harvest directly from vendors.
  • Cost Analysis. View total costs, cost-per-download, etc.
  • Usage Analysis. Observe e-resource usage with total downloads, searches, and sessions.
  • Duplicates. Get info on journal/eBook duplicates across platforms.
  • Most/Least Used. See most popular and least-used journals and eBooks across all platforms.

Circulation & Acquisition Analytic

Slice and dice your Circulation and Acquisitions data to get the full picture of your purchases and how they circulate.

  • Granular, Time-Based Reports. View usage and purchase trends from monthly, daily, down to hourly.
  • Customizable Groups. Import your unique ILS data and create custom report filters (patron type, location, etc.).
  • By Classification. View purchases & checkouts by classification to see if you’re buying what’s circulating.
  • Multi-Year Trend Analysis. Gain historical insights with year-over-year trend reporting.
  • What’s Popular. View the top 100 circulated items and gain insight as to what’s trending in the library.

Budget Analytic 

Enter financial data and expenditures and analyze trends like a financial pro.

  • Expenditures and Revenues. Create customized categories for all budget items and track the figures over time.
  • Multi Year Trends. With historical data in the system, analyzing multi-year financial trends is a breeze.
  • Individual Line Items Get down to nitty gritty details of each line item and track changes over time.
  • Customizable Finance Reports. Create customized reports for the administration showing relevant financial indicators.
  • Bang For Your Buck. Compare Financial and Circulation datasets to see how your materials budgets perform.

Gate count

Get a complete picture of your library’s foot traffic. Use the Gate Count info in combination with other Datasets to analyze the relationship between the “virtual” and “physical” library services.

  • One, or More Libraries. Track gate counts for a single location or for multiple libraries/locations.
  • Hourly/Daily/Monthly Distribution. Gather data at various frequencies and compare hourly to monthly (or even yearly) traffic distributions.
  • Multi Year Trends With historical data in the system, analyzing multi-year traffic trends is a breeze.
  • Top 10 Periods Create reports showing top 10 busiest periods or locations for your library.