Lyngsoe Handheld

Lyngsoe Handheld

Lyngsoe Handheld™ is one of the most powerful RFID handheld readers available for libraries. It combines excellent reading performance with a compact, convenient size while still managing to be one of the lightest devices of its kind.
The device is extremely ergonomic to use, allowing extended periods of comfortable use with one hand. The adjustable and flexible antenna further increases ergonomy by allowing items at different heights to be scanned with ease.
The device has a bright touch screen and an intuitive user interface. These guarantee effortless to use in a library. Excellent battery capacity allows the device to be easily used through a whole working day without charging.
The software is easily updated, ensuring a long life cycle for the device. Lyngsoe Handheld includes software for staff computers. It allows wireless transfer of item lists between the computer and handheld units. If a WLAN connection is not available, item lists can also be transferred via USB.

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Functions: Inventory, Collection, Weeding Item

Identification: RFID (Barcode) Security: RFID (AFI/EAs)

RFID standards: Iso15693, 18000-3-1

RFID Data models: DDM, KATVE, 3M, Dutch, French, ISO28560