OS 15000 Advanced Plus – Zeutschel

OS 15000 Advanced Plus – Zeutschel

The new style to scan for museums, archives and libraries.

Aesthetics meets performance: the OS 15000

Archives, libraries, museums and universities all consider digitization solutions to be a great chance to improve their services because it allows them to provide their collections online. Digitization solutions enable existing users from science and education, as well as new users, to research this material easily.

Modern as well as historical books, manuscripts, magazines, science reports, contracts or other cultural magazines, science reports, contracts or other cultural-tion for nearly all digitization tasks. The OS 15000 is a powerful digitization tool for sophisticated users who attach great importance on ease of use, performance, careful scanning and cost-performance ratio.

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  • Automatic work mode: automatic positioning of the book, automatic opening of the glass plate and automatic lowering of the book support plates after scanning, automatic start of scan, electronically controlled book pressure, continuously adjustable in 5 steps for protection of the documents
  • Motorized book cradle with self-opening glass plate
  • Compact
  • functional and revolutionary design
  • Convenient operation
  • Independent of ambient light
  • No glare for users
  • Brilliant color rendering
  • High scanning speed
  • Short scanning cycles
  • High quality output data
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Perfect Book 3.0 optional
  • Remote maintenance and remote administration
  • Energy efficiency – in line with Energy Star