ScanStudio combines the best of two worlds – the world of studio photography with the world of professional scanners.

ScanStudio not only provides users with flexible workflows but also delivers high image quality with the adoption of digital standards such as FADGI, Metamorfoze and ISO 19264-1 standard.

ScanStudio is used for digitizing purposes for A2 size documents, which can be customized with A1 size documents, along with 35mm film or glass negative.

ScanStudio is suitable for digital projects of libraries, archives and museums, which are available in different types such as books, newspapers, microfilm, stamps, maps, etc.

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Technical data
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  • Modular, universal system for all digitization tasks
  • Interchangeable digital backs and lenses
  • Copyboard systems for a wide range of documents
  • Highest productivity – shortest scanning cycles
  • Reliable results through predefined workflows
  • Automatic functions – autofocus, automatic exposure control, color profiles and automatic scanning
  • Zeutschel ErgoLED LED lighting system for shadow- and reflection-free results
  • Perfect Book 3.0 for image optimization
Sensor: up to 100 MP
Technology: CMOS
Sensor format: medium format 4,5 x 6 cm
Data depth: 16 bit
Dyn range in f-stops: 14
Dyn range in otp Density: 4,2
max opt. Resolution: up to 9000 dpi
Camera type: Zeutschel ScanStudio Camera
Shutter: rotary  shutter MTBF > 3 million
Shutter: 1/50 – 1s; ∞
Lens range: 60 – 240 mm
Lens detection: optical, automatic
Dimensions (h x d x w): 2400 x 800 x 1200 mm
Working height: 700 – 900* pre adjustable
Autofocus: yes
Environmantal light control: glare and stray light control
Advanced Plus Cradle: up to A2+ Size, 15 cm under glass automatic, pressure controlled
Vacuum table: adjustable formate zones up to A2+
Transmissive Light source: max. format up to A2, stand alone or  with Advanced Plus cradle.  Adjustable illumination strength, adjustable light spectrum.
Film Carrier: for film formats 35mm up to 8 x 10’’
Glass neative carrier: with 4-way masking
A1 Extension Kit: For OT180 H35, OT180 H50, OT90 book cadle
LED: full spectral LED
Illeminance: adjustable 500-4500 lx
ErgoLED: ergonomic design, non dazzling, soft dimm automatic
Scanning Time: 50 ms (typical)
Cycle time: 3,4 – 6 sec (typical values)
ISO 19264: Quality level > A
FADGI: Quality level > 4 star ****
Metamorforze: Quality level > Full Metamorfoze
Primary power: 110-240 V, 50/60Hz, 480 VA
Electrical Safety: 60950-3; IEC 62368-1:2014
EMC: EN 55022; EN55024; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3

US,CAN: FCC, Part 15 class B, ICES-003 Class B

Lamp System: According to EN 62471 “Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems”
Operating system: WIN 10/64 bit
Software: Omniscan 12.10 / Omniscan 14
Color management: according to ICC
Book curve correction: Prefect Book 3.0