UN iLibrary

UN iLibrary

The United Nations iLibrary is the comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations. It provides librarians, information specialists, scholars, students, policymakers, influencers and the general public with a single digital destination for seamlessly accessing publications, journals, data, and series published by the United Nations Secretariat, and its funds and programs. United Nations iLibrary offers an extensive list of features that deliver flexibility, speed, and efficiency such as intuitive navigation, integrated search results, granular content, citation tool, DOI identification, and multilingual content.

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UN-iLibrary cung cấp các nghiên cứu và tri thức cho:

United Nations iLibrary offers wide-ranging research and knowledge to a variety of audiences:

  • Universities and research organizations
  • Businesses and private sector
  • Government and public administrations
  • Non-governmental organizations and think tanks
  • Libraries
  • Legal and Financial Services

Most content is available to access in PDF format for subscribers, more recent content is also offered in ePub format and HTML; and full READ access for all users by clicking the READ icon. READ editions are optimized for mobile devices and can be read online wherever there is an internet connection – desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. They are also shareable and can easily be embedded.

Content items (March 2020):

  • 7 870 ebook titles
  • 116 100 chapters
  • 7 470 articles
  • 404 series
  • 3 databases

Benefits of a subscription:

  • Enables institution-wide access via IP authentication and/or username/password login
  • Unlimited number of concurrent institutional users
  • Perpetual access to subscribed content
  • Usage monitoring with standardized COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • Institution-wide content discovery with provided bibliographic records in MARC21 XML format
  • Self-managed administration of subscription account settings

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