The VELOXY® is the first system in the world that makes the most of studies and theories regarding the effectiveness of the anoxic method used for disinfestations of organic materials and that can be specifically used for applications in Cultural Heritage.

The efficacy of the VELOXY® System has been certified, with reference to insects, through the SAVE ART research project (1998-2000), that was financed by the European Community, in order to promote a harmless technology for people, the environment and artworks but, at the same time, totally effective against parasites, simple to use and inexpensive. After about twenty years it was devised, the VELOXY® is still the only nitrogen generator designed for disinfections of Cultural Heritage. Other generators on the market are designed and manufactured for applications in the food industry and are used for LC/MS analysis in laboratories.

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VELOXY® is the only one to be supplied complete with everything and ready for use . Each VELOXY® delivered to the customer contains all the tools and consumables necessary to carry out a large number of disinfestations: oxygen analyzer, valves, pipes, valve coupling kits, gas barrier plastic film, heat-sealing pliers.

VELOXY® can be installed very quickly and easily in any location .

VELOXY®, in addition to being the most performing and at the same time most reliable system , has a fundamental characteristic: it is very light (from 18.5 to 24 kg , depending on the model and options) and very small ( 30 x 40 cm x 120 high).

VELOXY® is very robust and reliable and requires routine maintenance at very long intervals and with a very low economic impact.

VELOXY® enjoys the certification of four European scientific laboratories (SAVE ART Project).

VELOXY® offers the possibility to adjust the relative humidity of the nitrogen flow (15% – 90%, +/- 1%)